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Here is my advice to OSRS gold clean bank room: ~Clean out your lender, also give away free items which you don't want to new players,(which might be helpful) or just sell them. Do this weekly or monthly, depending on how messy your bank is. ~Think about the long run, and obtaining things after. If you eliminate an old bucket, then maybe you can get one later on, when you really need you? Think about which items you're likely to maintain, or scrap/sell. Use the value checker to value your items and sell the ones that you don't desi... more
Smarthuiyuan Oct 14 '20 · Tags: buy rs gold
Organise the team so that some team members are"anchors" and"obstruction generators" also know as"defenders" while some are"scouts" also called"feeders". Anchors usually stay close to RuneScape gold the altar converting orbs into points for your group. Scouts or normally lookout for fresh orbs to look, and stray farther away from the altar, bringing orbs closer to the altar. When orbs are stuck behind a pillar, try standing diagonal to the orbs before attracting the orbs. This way the orbs will undergo the Pi-shaped pillars. If the... more
Smarthuiyuan Oct 9 '20 · Tags: buy rs gold